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Care, Communication, Respect

Parents are Well-Informed at Every Step of their Child’s Growth

The goal of establishing the UEIS counseling system is to enhance the students’ mental health and assist them in solving all kinds of challenges in life, learning, and career planning. Through the different methods of communication, we will relieve the students’ mental distress and confusion so that they will lead a joyful life, develop an independent character and global mobility optimistically and actively, and become outstanding overseas students.
  • Have a macro view and understand the background of major religious beliefs, ethnic groups, and regions in the world.
  • Cultivate non-cognitive skills such as tolerance, respect, and empathy and further appreciate the advantages of different cultures.
  • Treat students from different countries and ethnic groups equally and actively create for the foreign students the learning environment meeting their religious and cultural needs.
  • Have the knowledge and understanding of global issues and trends and show respect for the important universal values (peace and human rights, diversity, justice, democracy, fraternity rather than discrimination and xenophobia).
  • Counseling Goal: Guide the students in the process of growing up with the basic spirit of “love” and “assistance.” The counseling is divided into three perspectives of “life counseling,” “learning counseling,” and “college counseling.”
  • Parent Communication: The communication through the school website shortens the distance between the school, parents, and students. The parents will be informed of the students’ performance in studies, health, morality, physical fitness, and social skills, including test arrangement, selective courses, program arrangement, discipline and morality, attendance record, daily life, award and punishment record, extracurricular activities, learning condition, and school grades.
  • Personal Interview: The counseling office provides students with a warm space so that they will communicate cognitively or express feelings without fear and concealment in an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding.
  • Psychological Counseling: The counselor will assist the students to identify their own problems one on one and provide guidance on how to better adapt to life and learning.
  • Instant Counseling: Provide a channel for students to express themselves and relieve stress. Provide timely help to students in need.
  • Self Exploration: Understand the students’ aptitude, interests and character, and assist them in choosing the appropriate department and development path in university.
  • Career Planning: The aim is to assist students to understand themselves, familiarize themselves with the environment, learn happily, grow mature, and make advanced assessments for further study.
  • Counseling Service: Provide students with professional counseling in daily life, learning, college counseling, interpersonal relationships, gender relationships and future career planning.
  • Medical Service: The school nurse will understand the ill student’s condition, give basic treatment, arrange a visit to the doctor, take care of the ill students, arrange meals for them, and help them recover as quickly as possible.
  • Data Management: To help students understand themselves and help teachers understand the students, and all counseling records will be filed.
  • Communication and Coordination: Guide the students to understand the importance of communication and coordination so that they will actively communicate and coordinate to enhance the ability of solving problems.
  • Expectation from Counselors: It is hoped that the counseling system will enable all students to grow up healthily and happily.
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