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UEIS believes education should extend beyond the classroom so that children can learn and grow up happily. To achieve the goal of the student leader training project, we plan a comprehensive and detailed series of activities and have established the Students' Union.
The Goal of the Students' Union---UEIS has established the Students' Union for the comprehensive development of students' active, optimistic, and energetic spirit. The school guides them to plan a large number of interesting activities on and off campus to ensure all students establish the correct value judgment, cultivate leadership, and develop a balanced body and mind. The diverse extracurricular activities and practical experience will form the students' character and ensure they value the academic skills outside the classroom. Through leadership training, community service, charity donation, talent show, sports events, international etiquette demonstration, banquets and parties, and international gatherings, we endeavor not only to make the students outstanding learners with great leadership skills but also help them become valuable citizens in their future life.
The Office of Student Affairs is in charge of supervising the student-operated clubs, surveying the extracurricular activities, and holding the major events of each month with a view to assisting the students of UEIS to achieve success in the different learning fields.
Students' Union Function: 學生聯合自治會組織章程
  • Provide volunteering opportunities and enhance students' leadership skills.
  • Train students to instruct their own student groups through student clubs.
  • Develop teamwork and sportsmanship through all kinds of sports events.
  • Promote the school spirit through festivals and celebrations.
  • Relieve students' pressure from busy schoolwork through the school-organized field trips.
UEIS's leader cultivation and development project, LEAD (Leadership, Execution, Attitude, Development), has a clear goal—to foster students' leadership competencies, team spirit, goal establishment, and time management. By taking part in the Students' Union and other projects such as becoming a cadre, a sports leader, a dorm committee member, or student counselor, the students will broaden their horizons and upgrade their leadership skills.
The Students' Union extends the activities to every corner of the campus and dorm. These activities include various topics such as anti-bullying, anti-harassment, healthy lifestyle, anti-smoking, anti-alcoholism, anti-drugs, assistance with the disadvantaged, charity donation, volunteerism, and diverse cultural tolerance.
UEIS aims to cultivate responsible global citizens. Our extracurricular activities will play a key role in shaping students' knowledge system, social skills, and correct value judgment.
UEIS emphasizes personalized education and teaches every child according to their age, character, interests, and aptitude. We offer students all-day care and guidance like parents would and focus even more on the abilities of independent life and self management.
UEIS cultivates the leaders of tomorrow. Regardless of the students' character and ability, we offer an abundance of extracurricular activities and leadership development opportunities and enrich the extracurricular learning to help them establish correct value judgment.

All Year Character Building

Educational Topic of September:
Educational Topic of October:
"Anti-Smoking and Drugs"
Educational Topic of November:
"Safety Education"
Dorm Management & Independence Training
Donation and Running for Love
Cancer Foundation Fundraising Month
Dorm Decoration Competition
Thanksgiving Fun Party
Pumpkin Carving Competition
North American Halloween Party
International Food Culture Activity
Remembrance Day
Outstanding Award-Giving for Extracurricular Activities
Orphanage Volunteering and Donation
Gender Equality Education
Educational Topic of December:
"Energy Conversation and Carbon Reduction"
Educational Topic of January:
Educational Topic of February:
Christmas Card and Ginger Bread Man Making
Christmas Month Group Activity and Competition
Christmas Masquerade
New Year Hot Pot and Firework Party
Domestic Winter Camp
Overseas Study Tour
Club Registration for Second Semester
Winter Vacation Off-campus Life Counseling
Chocolate Making for Valentine's Day
Celebrations for Lantern Festival
Anti-Bullying Promotion
Study Abroad Lecture
Educational Topic of March:
Educational Topic of April:
"Filial Piety"
Educational Topic of May:
"International Etiquette"
Saint Patrick's Day Activity
3.14 π Pi Day
Trip to Leofoo Village
Campus BBQ Fun Party
Easter Egg Hunt
Children Hospital Fundraising & Donation
Teachers and Students Pajama Day
Evening Basketball Games
Mother's Day Card Making and Sending
English & Music Presentation
Evening Basketball Championship
Field Trip & River Tracing
Educational Topic of June:
Educational Topic of July:
Educational Topic of August:
Campus Paintball Game
International Food Festival
Graduation Ceremony & Teacher Appreciation Party
Outstanding Alumni Experience Sharing
Freshmen Registration
Summer Intensive English Course
UEIS Summer Camp
UEIS Talent Competition
Freshmen Orientation
Freshmen Club Registration
Opening Ceremony
UEIS Annual Evaluation
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