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Healthy Diet / Various Dishes / Delicious Food

Keep Hygiene a Priority / Fulfill Students’ Nutritional Needs with a Balanced Diet/ Uphold Fine Dining Etiquette

  • A five-star hotel executive chef provides nutrient-rich and delectable meals. The daily menus are specially designed to meet student demand, including special diets (e.g., religious ethnic food, vegetarians, patient meals, and etc.).
  • All menus are designed by dietitian consultant, reviewed by the management, and released on the school website.
  • The executive chef supervises food production operations, instruct cooking, and train culinary staff members at site.
  • UEIS follows and enforces all applicable safety procedures outlined for kitchen staff to meet and exceed set food standards. We ensure that all kitchen staff complies with food handling and sanitation standards cons. Also, we ensure all kitchen products are prepared consistently and all kitchen equipment is properly maintained and in good working conditions to meet local Health Department standards.
  • UEIs is proactive in developing kitchen staff by taking advantage of all learning opportunities, and by striving to achieve the goals of one’s personal career development plan and personal mission statement.
  • Regular checks on hygiene standards and disinfection in the kitchen, cafeteria, and the kitchenware are conducted.
  • Processed food is prohibited in the kitchen. Only organic vegetables and fruits are provided.
  • Food quality has been strictly enforced. Ingredients, oil, and even suppliers are under rigid supervision.
  • Unhealthy cooking such as frying is avoided. Trans fatty acid free vegetable oil is selected and no processed food will be served.
  • Students’ Union runs an independent grocery store and has vendors to place vending machines for additional snacks.
  • Every morning eggs, milk, yogurts are prepared in bulk for breakfast. Ample supply of fruits is at a lunch and dinner.
  • Signature cuisines such as beef noodle, spaghetti, Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean Stone Pot Rice Bowl), individual hot pots, dumplings, glutinous oil rice and so forth will be served from time to time. In addition, popular festival specialty food for such as Thanksgiving, Mid-autumn, Dragon Boat, Christmas and so forth is also available to celebrate those special occasions.
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