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UEIS Emergency Guidelines and Procedures


  • Serious Illness/Injury
    1. Cardiac Respiratory Arrest and Chest Pains
    2. Head Injury
    3. Trauma Activation
    4. Fainting
    5. Acute Abdominal Pain
      • The responsible school personnel will call the ambulance. Meanwhile, the parent/guardian will be contacted if at all possible according to the information held on the staff on-site. Upon the advice of the parent/guardian, the student will be transported to the doctor/hospital designated.
      • Students will be accompanied to the designated hospital by the responsible school personnel. The personnel will keep the parent/guardian informed and meet the parent/guardian at the hospital, and help coordinate the hospital activity.
    • Serious injury or illness, but not life threatening (Priority 2 ambulance)
      • While contacting the parent/guardian, the responsible school personnel take the student to the emergency.
      • The responsible school personnel will report to the parent/guardian regarding the student’s medical attendance if the parent/guardian cannot make it to the hospital.
  • Minor Ailments/Injuries
    1. A Flu
    2. Gastric Problem
    3. Toothaches
    4. Eye Disorders and Diseases
    5. Cuts and Contusions
    • The responsible school personnel reports the updated status of the student to the parent/guardian
    • Section Chief of Student Activities takes the student to the following hospitals or medical institutions
      • General:National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Hospital
      • Ophthalmology:蔡仰中眼科診所
      • Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat):林耳鼻喉科診所
      • Dental:弘恩牙科診所
      • Orthopedics:曹思宏復健專科診所
      • Obstetrics/Gynecology:徐瑪里婦產科
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