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Honor, Responsibility, Confidence, Optimism

Outstanding learning achievement comes from character building.

UEIS’s educational concept of comprehensive care inspires students to broaden their horizons, challenge themselves, and build confidence. The development of the twelve UEIS SPIRITS is integrated into the teaching and activities both in and out of class. These spirits are not only the required competencies for admission into top high schools but also the solid foundation to attain the ideal life.
UEIS Spirits
1. Living AbilityHave Self-Care Skills 7. TeamworkHave Team Spirit
2. ResponsibilityHave a Strong Sense of Responsibility 8. Previewing a LessonsPreview before Class
3. IndependenceHave the Ability to be Independent 9. Learning Outside the ClassroomAcquire Extracurricular Knowledge
4. Problem Solving SkillsHave the Ability of Problem Solving 10. OptimismMaintain an Optimistic Attitude
5. Critical ThinkingHave the Ability of Critical Thinking 11. ConfidenceHave High Self-Confidence
6. Analytical SkillsHave Analytical Skills 12. Emphasisi on HonorHave a Strong Sense of Honor
UEIS’s exclusive advantage of studying abroad in Taiwan has fostered numerous outstanding overseas students, which has prepared students intending to study abroad in the future well, and provided parents and students with a more advantageous choice outside of the general international class of a traditional private school in Taiwan.
Comparisons Between UEIS’s Study Abroad in Taiwan and International Class of Private Schools in Taiwan
Item UEIS International Class of Private Schools in Taiwan
Foreign Program Study the American high school program in Taiwan. The subjects are simplified, and students can select courses depending on their ability and interest. The required subjects of the international class are complicated. There is more pressure from writing reports and long school days.
SAT Test Assist students with the SAT test based on personal ability and aspiration to achieve the maximum result. The students have to take the SAT and other classes of higher difficulty after school.
Club Activities There are club activities every day. Students will have more time for extracurricular activities. There are club activities every week. The students spend more time in the classroom.
Language Test TOEFL/IELTS are listed in the official counseling project of our school. Famous teachers are hired to teach the students on TOEFL testing skills. The test preparation class is offered to assist students to take TOEFL/IELTS tests every semester. The students have to use weekends or evenings to go to TOEFL or IELTS class.
Channel to Higher Education The professional College Admission Consultant Office specializing in the schools in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia will assist students to apply for college. With the advantage from College Alliance, students will have the priority admission. Without priority admission, the students have to apply for college on their own or commission a study abroad agency.
Admission Rate 100% of graduates are admitted to the prestigious universities in the world. 90% of the graduates are admitted to the top US 100 universities (most of which are in the world’s top 100). More than 80% of the graduates have been admitted to the top US 50 universities. Every school has different standards and the colleges that the students are admitted to are of various levels.
Dorm Management All students have to live in the dorm to develop strong independence. Character education is emphasized. Living in the dorm is not mandatory. The students have poor independence, and the after-school management is difficult.
After-school Counseling Every evening, the teachers will conduct after-school group counseling for free. The students living off campus do not have access to counseling. The students living in the dorm have to pay for the counseling service.
Pattern of Studying Abroad We are the only school to study abroad in Taiwan. The seamless transition will contribute to successful adaptation. Going straight abroad takes longer to adapt to the environment. The rate of failure is high.
Study Abroad All students will study abroad. With the shared goal, they have strong solidarity. Every student who goes abroad studies alone and feels helpless in life.
Dorm Environment Our school is a fine American boarding school in Taiwan with strict management. The professional homeroom teacher system will pay equal attention to dorm life and counseling. The host families are of uneven quality and with poor management. If living with relatives, the students are not given the guidance for schoolwork and further study. There are various problems of management.
Study Abroad in Taiwan Taiwan has strict controls over firearms and drugs. Without racial discrimination, the learning and living environment is very safe, and the living expenses are lower. In the foreign countries, the legal ownership of firearms, easy accessibility to drugs, and serious racial discrimination make the learning and living environment complicated. The living expenses are also higher.
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