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Total Care Living

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Balanced Nutrition, Healthy and Tasty


  • Western:
    whole-wheat bread, white bread, hamburger, hot dog, ham, chocolate, low-fat milk, yogurt drink, salad, potato salad, corn flakes, juice, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs, panna cotta, cheese, bagel, pineapple bun, croissant, hash brown
  • Chinese:
    red bean bun, steamed bread, steamed bun, pan fried stuffed bun, Chinese omelette, scallion pancake, turnip cake, tea egg, congee with pork and century egg, a variety of salty congee, millet congee, intestine vermicelli, fried rice, fried noodles, braised pork rice

Lunch, Dinner

  • Western:
    spaghetti, pizza, French fries, hamburger, meat, a variety of vegetables, salad
  • Eastern:
    Chinese noodles, rice dumplings, steamed sticky rice, mini hot pot, teppanyaki, Japanese oden, Korean bibimbap, dumplings, curry, beans, pork, chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, Chinese fried vegetables, etc.
  • Soup:
    tofu miso soup, seaweed and egg soup, vegetable and mushroom soup, meatball soup, corn soup, pumpkin soup, sesame oil chicken soup, white gourd and clam soup, burdock soup, Russian onion soup, radish and meatball soup, bitter gourd chicken soup, bamboo shoot soup, chicken gourd soup.
  • Fresh Fruit:
    apple, tangerine, banana, wax apple, peach, pear, passion fruit, guava, watermelon, dragon fruit, star fruit, melon, grapes, etc. Fruit salad is also available.
  • Sweets and Drinks:
    white fungus and lotus seed soup, tapioca pearl milk tea, grass jelly soup, aiyu jelly, sweet potato taro ball soup, tapioca pudding, coconut milk
    The cooking process mainly uses frying, baking, roasting and steaming methods. (Less deep-frying, no trans fat, no MSG)

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