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UEIS’s comprehensive life care plan starts from the beginning of school enrollment. The homeroom teachers begin to assess the personality and traits of each freshman and conduct individual discussion with them based on the assessment, and following this individual assessment and discussion, closely observe their ability to adapt. We pay attention to every student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical growth, and provide students with a safe and comfortable high-quality living environment. The careful attention and sense of belonging will enable them to concentrate on learning without worry.
The important purpose of UEIS education is to teach students how to become a normal sociable person, integrate into society and become a contributing and valuable person, establish correct personal values through interactions with the environment, and cultivate students’ good behavior and habits, including:
  1. Develop interpersonal relationships with teachers and schoolmates and speak with a proper attitude.
  2. Have an awareness of the norms of speech and behavior in public and private spaces.
  3. Demonstrate a responsible attitude toward personal behavior.
  4. Maintain attitudes and emotional control when dealing with conflicts and arguments.
  5. Distinguish the boundaries between appropriate behaviors and responses in cultural environment of different countries.
  6. Demonstrate proper behavior in formal occasions such as in an office, and the cognition of public morality in public areas without disturbing or bothering others.
  7. Take personal responsibility and form the good habits of punctuality, teamwork, self-discipline, and independence.
  8. Demonstrate appropriate external behaviors and attitudes (group activities, respect for topics, respect for others, objective thinking, learning and communication).
  9. Develop the cognitive skills to think critically, creatively, and innovatively, as well as solve problems and make decisions.
  10. Develop non-cognitive skills, such as empathy and open-mindedness when faced with various experiences and differing opinions. Demonstrate interpersonal/communication skills and habits to connect and interact with persons of different backgrounds.
  11. Have the ability to initiate and engage in proactive actions.
  • The student dorm is located on campus with a 24-hour security system.
  • Two students share one suite with a cooling inverter air-conditioner and a separate bathroom and shower, and personal wardrobes and bedding are provided.
  • Dedicated cleaners will be arranged to clean and disinfect the dorm every weekend.
  • The dorm provides WiFi for students to perform information searches for schoolwork.
  • An assigned evening tutor will assist with tutoring every evening.
  • The use of mobile phones and WiFi will be regulated according to the 3C product usage time and regulations.
  • A regular daily routine will be established. The dorm supervisors will regularly make rounds to check in on the rooms on each floor.
  • Boys and girls will be provided with automatic front load washers and dryers, respectively.
  • Fixed-route shuttle buses will be provided for students every Monday and Friday.
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