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Welcome from UEIS Admission Committee

Welcome and thank you for the attention to United Education International School (hereafter known as UEIS). We are proud of the honor of UEIS, and we are glad that you are considering joining us.
UEIS is an American educational environment for students who plan to study abroad and make preparations in Taiwan. We pay equal attention to both Chinese and western character education based on the holistic educational concept of “honor, responsibility, confidence, and optimism.” We are convinced that our students will be able to adapt to and succeed in the current global village. Besides regular teaching, the most important thing is to expand the students’ learning and living fields and shape their outstanding character at the same time through the regulations of character education. This is also the core of “the comprehensive development of character education.” We encourage you to carefully read our website, where you will find a variety of information about school activities, campus news, and student life and read the fan page of UEIS-FB. If you have any question or hope to arrange a visit, we welcome you to contact us anytime. The UEIS admission committee expects to guide you to complete the entire application process and share everything that UEIS can provide for you.
Chairman of Admission Committee
Director of Office of International Affairs
Mr. James Peng
Admission Committee

Director of Office of International Affairs
Mr. Michael Chang Mr. Cameron Kimber Ms. Candace Lee Mr. Michael Cheng

Application Requirements

  1. Public or private high school students above 6th grade (No foreign passport needed)
  2. Students above 6th grade studying at European or American international schools in Taiwan
  3. Taiwanese students above 6th grade studying at a Taiwanese Children’s School or international schools in China
  4. Taiwanese students above 6th grade returning from overseas schools to study in Taiwan
United Education International School
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